• Globruck surprise

    For restaurants, hotels, banks, companies, pharmacies, every activity is indispensable now with the required color.

    Pictures from nature, not Photoshop. To preview nature, visit our exhibition in Nasr City
    Custom sizes and various models to place your advertisement or company name
    Stand for automatic sterilization with a sensor for gel, a fixed quantity every time, unlike those in the market, with a size of up to 10 liters of gel or any disinfectant. Your ad can be placed in a check.

    One year warranty on components.

    A thermometer can be placed in place of masks.

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  • The sterilization gate

    The sterilization gate has become an important thing for the continuation of work because it helps to eliminate the largest number of viruses that may be stuck on the body and clothing of every one of us
    Colors are available, aluminum body covered with cladding and a 25 liter tank

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  • Globrac has started distributing chapels to mosques

    Today it started distributing to nearby mosques
      This is as a precaution to prevent the spread of Corona virus to citizens

    Any quantities can be ordered through messages and at a cost only. The required quantities will be processed in order to ensure the participation of the community.

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